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May 31, 2018
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The Legend of BlackMoon

     Legend tells of a vape juice so delicious that 

whomever vaped the fabled elixir gained the 

power of the majestic buffalo. For centuries 

the recipes were passed along until they were lost

to the ages.


     Now, the ancient flavors have been rekindled 

by our own professional mixoligist. Hours spent 

finding the perfect flavors and cloud coverage

have resulted in a line of eJuice destined for greatness.

Experience the power of the Buffalo.


     Experience BlackMoon!

May 24, 2018

It’s turning to summer in South Dakota, and with the warm weather comes construction.

If you’re finding it difficult to make it into our shop, no worries! For a limited time, Blown Away Vape is DELIVERING all your favorite juices, and equipment.




Give us a call at (605) 274-0157 to place an order!


All orders placed before 3pm will be delivered the same day!



May 23, 2018

    New Juice!

    Marx Mountain

A new collaborative Juice! Mixed and manufactured by BlackMoon E-juice, flavor creation by Marina & Tiara Marx! 

Modeled after our favorite beverage, Marx Mountain hits the spot for anyone craving a tall Mountain Dew!

Samples available to try — 60ml Bottles; 3mg nicotine at $22.35

Marx Mountain
May 17, 2018
 Product Highlight: 


     Dotmod has created some truly unique, and well engineered vapes. All regulated mods have hyper accurate chipsets giving you a smooth, consistent vapor. Featuring a full range of settings and customization options, the DotBox 200W can produce a vape custom to your tastes.           

     With a durable aluminum chassis, beveled edges, and 24K gold plated buttons, DotMod takes the cake for high end vaping.


May 16, 2018

Blown Away Vape E-juice – A Wide selection of flavors, and a staff with the know-how to help you decide!

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Classic BlackMoon flavors from Vanilla Ice Cream, to Strawberry Kiwi, to Arctic Ice can ALL be found under one roof at Blown Away! PLUS other stellar brands such as Beard, Rounds, Obie’s, and much more. 

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