August 8, 2018

August 8th, 2018

You asked – We’re delivering!

New glass, at a better price.

New pieces are rolling in nearly every day around here! Not only is our selection ever-revolving, we’re changing our pricing on all glass water pipes, chillums, spoons, and more. Stop in to find a brand new water pipe that fits you, and see for yourself the difference in price.

New Glass

Pictured on the far left, a 12” Beaker with killer nature-themed green accents. Thick, hardened glass for $56.99

Sitting middle, a more lightweight single-percolator pipe (12”), Also featuring a deep ice-catch and a stylish red print. A worthy device for $48.99.

And featured on our right, A mighty large beaker at around 16”, with an added artistic flare – the mushroom shaped percolator. Thick, quality glass supports this thing from top to bottom, and you can feel it. (FINALLY! A complex piece that won’t break just by looking at it!) – $126.99

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