Is the future of smoking silicone?

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Silicone Smoking

Here at Blown Away we’ve seen an increase in the number of people moving to silicone instead of glass for hand pipes, water pipes, chillums and more. Even the strongest glass can shatter into a thousand pieces when hit at the right angle, yet silicone holds strong from nearly any drop height. With the added durability, the switch seems obvious for some, while a few concerns still linger from others.




The truth? Silicone pipes are just as safe as glass. Silicone (made from silicon and oxygen) is exceptionally heat resistant – perfectly fine for standard lighters, and even most torches. To deform your pipe, you’d need to throw it in the oven at 600F, and it would need to be much hotter yet to melt and release any harmful chemicals.




All silicone pipes sold at Blown Away are FOOD GRADE. When ordering online or from other shops, be sure to ask for documentation to ensure your pipe is safe to smoke.




Not only is silicone completely safe, it can be safely dyed to every color under the sun. This allows for more intricate art on each piece, and even custom themed pieces like our latest Rick & Morty Collection.




With silicone’s popularity on the rise, manufacturers are becoming more creative in their designs, such as convertible pipes that can switch from a pipe to a chillum and back just by adjusting one of the silicone gaskets. Others are creating pipes which blur the lines a bit more. Neu, one of our favorite silicone pipe brands has released a number of pipes with silicone on the outside, and glass chambers and percolators on the inside.


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