September 28, 2018

September 28th, 2018

Which Type of Kratom is Best for You?


     Multiple factors will influence the effects Kratom has on an individual. From where the plant is grown, to how it’s processed no two brands of Kratom are exactly alike. Here at Blown Away we classify our Kratom into three main catagories – Green vein, Red vein, and White vein. Each variety provides a host of different benefits. Read below to learn about which vein will help YOU?


     Green vein – Easily the most common vein of Kratom. Green Maeng Da, as it’s formally known, makes for an excellent coffee replacement that will leave you with a strong, lingering feeling of euphoria. 


     Red vein – Red vein Kratom is the most sedative variety. Often used for pain management, and anxiety reduction. Picture being wrapped in a blanket as you walk around all day!


     White vein – Quite the opposite of red vein, white veins are very consistently a stimulant. The effects set in much quicker, and are more prevalent; however it will wear off faster than other types of Kratom. All three veins are used for recreation, however white vein is particularly helpful for those experiencing withdrawal from opiates, or prescription pain medicine.  



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