December 28, 2018

December 28th, 2018

BlackMoon Premium eJuice

60 milliliters


0, 1.5, 3, 6 mg Nicotine




Island Nectar – This mixture of sweet mango and pineapple will put you on a tropical island with cool ocean breezes surrounding you.


Smooth Ride – What’s better than a creamy vanilla latte in the morning, afternoon, or evening? All day vape right here.


ThunderBird – A one-of-a-kind berry with an interesting jumble of tropical fruit. It’s bold, creamy, and bursts in your mouth.


Morning Mist – Green apple, peach, and kiwi blended in a Magic Bullet and poured straight into your vape tank.


Juicy Bubbles – Hubba Bubba and an intense, Deep Grape. Combined with other sweet and tart flavors making this mixture as nostalgic as it is satisfying.


Apple Pucker Up – A burst of sweet flavor followed by a mouth puckering sour sensation.


Oh! Snap! – Sweet Strawberries, lucious peach and a hint of sour green apple will put your taste buds on alert. OH SNAP!


Berry Yum Yum – Strawberries, Raspberries, and blueberries mixed together for that sweet berry taste. It will energize your taste buds.


Ice Cream Cake – It’s birthday time everyday with this vanilla bean ice cream mixture layered with yellow cake flavor.


Sunrise Surprise – A bubbly, orange spike of of champagne. Mimosa in a vape!


Sea Monster – Harvested straight from Lake Loch Ness, this juice is reminiscent of its origins with watermelon, dragonfruit, and a secret candy from the deep.


Lemon Meringue Pie – Bursting with fresh lemon taste and creamy smooth meringue flavor. 


Blue Elephant – Delicious sweet Blue Raspberry with just a touch of candy sour! Get your taste buds ready for an amazing treat.


BlueBerry Pie – Flavorful blueberries in a crispy pie crust! Buttery, Just a fruity, warm, and delicious as the real thing.


Grandma’s Apple Pie – If your grandmother made vape juice, we like to imagine it would taste exactly like this. Apple Pie – straight from the oven.


Joyful Farmer – Fruity hard candy – You’ll know the one when you smell it, but at my school, these things were currency. “joyful farmer”. 

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