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Vape Kit of the Week!


Kit of the Week:

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Full Kit

This 200W beast of a mod not only features premium leather stitching, but also amazing durability! If you’re looking for a quality kit to last for the long term look no further.

STOP BY TODAY and PICK UP the FULL KIT for just $104.99.

As a special thank you, we would like to offer 15% off a bottle of our very own Blackmoon EJuice Co with the purchase of a full kit.

Looking for a powerful mix of berries?
Check out Berry Yum Yum (FEATURED this week) in a variety of Nicotine Levels!

Be sure to ask our team about any of our other great Blackmoon EJuices. With over 40 different flavors in free-base alone, chances are we’ve got you covered.

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Re-stocked and Ready to Rock!



Our suppliers HOOKED US UP! We have re-stocked all our shelves! It’s been hard getting as much product as we want with all the COVID-19 shipping delays, but we just got a NEW and BIG shipment in!


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Store Vandalized :(

A Group Vandalized Our Store

The alarm went off at 5:02am indicating a front glass break. When we got to the store both front windows of the vape shop were broken out. When we looked at the cameras I saw 6-7 men in front of the store. we guess they thought it would be fun to throw rocks at the windows and try to break in. The police were called and there was a witness.

Life is hard right now. We are working very hard to continue to be open and provide the products that our customers need and want. With COVID19 raging through our city tensions and anxieties are high. It’s a time when we all must stand together and not make life more difficult for each other.

If anyone might have information to who or whom might have wanted to vandalize our store, please let us know, (605) 274-0157. If it leads to an arrest and conviction, you will receive a $1,000 reward.

During these trying times we want to just say THANK YOU to our loyal customer’s for your continued support of our store.

~James & Sandra Luther

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Announcements Regarding COVID-19

Announcements Regarding COVID-19 Precautions

WE’RE STILL OPEN, as the coronavirus rages on throughout our State and City, We would like to remind you of the precautions we are taking at Blown Away Vape & Glass:

  • We have installed a hand sanitizer station at the door.
    Please use it as you enter the store.
  • We have put up tape to indicate the six foot distancing that has been suggested by the CDC and our State.
  • Our staff will be wearing a mask and gloves and we’d like to encourage you to do the same when you are out and about
  • We are allowing only five people in the store at a time. Please remember to social distance.
  • If you prefer to call us and pick up your items curbside, you can do that as well. Our Phone Number is: 605-274-0157

If we are all diligent with the guidelines, our store can remain open and operational.


Mon – Thurs: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Fri & Sat: 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday: Noon to 6:00pm

Let’s work together to slow the spread of this virus.

Thanks so much for your patronage,
James & Sandra Luther
Owners, Blown Away Vape & Glass

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WE’RE STAYING OPEN (read below)

After the mayor talked today our business is able to stay open. We will be practicing social distancing by only allowing 5 or less people in the store at any given time. We will also continue our extensive cleaning schedule to make sure all surfaces are disinfected throughout the day. We are working on getting a hand sanitizer station at the door so our customers can use it coming in or going out. Our staff will wear gloves as needed as well.

We will also open up the opportunity to take orders over the phone and have them ready for you to pick up. We can also ship items. We had a customer that called in yesterday and he was self quarantining so we shipped his products to him right away.

We are willing to do whatever it takes
to make sure our customers are taken care of.

To Place Pick-Up Orders
to Have Your Orders Shipped Call:

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